1. How to install OLEVIA Set Top Box with Television?

Plug in the power cord and RF antenna to OLEVIA Set Top Box, connect the television with 1 of the following access, HDMI or S-VIDEO or AV CABLE or S-VIDEO, and then power on OLEVIA Set Top Box.

2. If Television screen turn to black after connected HDMI?

Please update the new firmware at “Download Page”

3. How to scan channels?

After installation of Olevia Set Top Box, please turn to main page > Installation > Auto Scan.

4. Do all television programs support AC3(Surround Sound)?
  Not all television programs support AC3 (Surround Sound), which depends on the signals provided by TV stations.
5. If screen picture was freezed?

If screen picture was freezed, please go to “Set Defaults” to solve this problem. (Menu> System>Set Defaults> Enter password (Default password is 0000) > Press yes to confirm restoring to “default Setting”. OLEVIA Set top box will restart automatically and customer require to re-scan channels after restart.

6. How to record over 6 hours program in EPG?

The maximum recording time length of OLEVIA Set top box is 6 hours, thus if you would like to record over 6 hours program in EPG, please follow below settings:

1) Enter to Menu > Channels > Recording List

2) Press the “Green” Button on the remote.

3) Add Schedule

4) If recording time length over 6 hours, please repeating to add schedules like below picture shown.

7. Manual Scan of TV digital Broadcasting Signal

Step1) Enter to “Menu” and select “Installation”

Step2) To “Manual Scan” and enter password (Default password as 0000)

Step3) after enter the “Manual Scan”, in put channels number (22, 35, 37) – channel numbers are based on the signal from Temple Hill Transmission Station.

Following are channels in different spectrums.
Spectrum 22: TVB Jade, aTV, TVB Pearl, aTV world
Spectrum 35: HD Jade, Interactive Information Channel, J2
Spectrum 37: aTV HDTV, CCTV4, Plus TV, Her TV, His TV, aTV News &
Business channel

Step4) A little screen on the left or right hand side showing the current broadcasting television program.

Step5) Indicate the “Signal Strength” in Yellow and “Signal Quality” in Blue at the bottom of the screen.

Step6) Check if the above 2 Signal bars are over half or above.  As OLEVIA Set top box is high-tier receiver which requires receiving strong signal for decoding.  If either one of the signal bars is under half or below, television screen might occur in low quality of resolution, freeze or black screen.